IMG_5681 I am in the final stages and preparing to release my first published book! My publisher (Aloha Publishing) recently asked me to put down the “WHY” behind this incredible true story. After five pages of mind mapping and weeks of edits, I present, my WHY:

“How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great.” Bill Bennot

Papua New Guinea is known as the “Land of the Unexpected.” I marveled this truth as our zodiac zipped across the open sea. Shouting to be heard above din of motor and wind, I conversed with a former Australian Parliament Member and a former Prime Minister of PNG. They gripped tightly to the side of the vessel as we approached Daru, Western Province. On the edge of one of the world’s last frontiers, I rode an inflatable dinghy with two influential political leaders.

Just weeks earlier, the same zodiac transported me to the muddy banks of the poorest regions in the entire world. Poverty does not diminish a person’s value. Yet, so often we shrink lives down to mere numbers and statistics.

Whether I sit at the feet of the destitute, impoverished, marginalized, and unseen or in the halls of the prominent and important, birthed in me is the gift to convey truth, bridge understanding, inspire action, and preserve. Words are power. They wield life and death.

With this power is great responsibility. It is an honor and privilege to handle people’s stories. My desire is to use this gift to bring life. I do not write for the masses, the numbers. I write for the individual; the individual who deserves a voice, the individual who needs to know about them, and the individual who quietly forges his/her way into a dark corner and lights it up.

In Papua New Guinea’s delta regions, swamps, and expansive mount ranges live over 800 people groups and languages. I knew there were incredible stories in each of them, but I never knew where to start until I came across a remote, faded hospital exuding hope, resilience, and a raging battle with medical victories, losses, and every struggle in between.

If you read this book and never remember my name, but fall in love with the people of Papua New Guinea, then I will have done my job. Just remember, love involves action.

I write because I love.

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