Child Trafficking: The Problem

Many people recently requested I share a bit more about the work I do in Cambodia. I am going to be posting articles I have written for Children In Families here, so you can learn more. This is a 2 part piece that was one of the most informative to research and write. 

The International Labour Organisation estimates children make up about 25% of forced labour and sexual exploitation slavery.Part 1

Six months ago, world news headlines highlighted the child trafficking and abuse in Thailand’s fishing industry. The BBC reported children from Myanmar and Cambodia are forced to work on vessels and in processing factories, leading to dangerous and debilitating injuries, not to mention violating a litany of human rights. (Article here.)

During the past decade, organizations such as A21, Not for Sale, and International Justice Mission (IJM) raised the first-world’s awareness of slavery as an international issue, running deep through the veins of world economics and industry. It robs an estimate of well over 20 million people of their freedom and basic human rights.

While we want to address child trafficking, CIF believes that underneath the layers and complications involved in the multi-billion dollar industry of human beings, there lies hope.

We will address human trafficking and what that looks like for children, but more than anything, we want to offer up solutions. As overwhelming as the numbers appear, we want to strip down the numbers and reveal practical ideas for prevention, and the restoration of individuals. While the situation can appear depressingly complex, the answers may surprise you.

Even more surprising is your ability to do something about it.  CIF Logo

Continue reading here…


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