Child Trafficking: The Solutions

Melanie Visit-15In the last piece, we addressed the problem of child trafficking, and the forms it takes around the world. This time, we’re looking at the hope. We’re going to walk through recognizing the systematic issues behind trafficking and the practical steps all of us can take to help solve the issue. After all, every child deserves a chance to have a loving family and access to the things they need.

The Trafficking Cycle: Systematic Issues

We’ve looked at the issue of child-trafficking, and how extensive this issue is. Change will come to this problem slowly, and solutions won’t be one-size-fits all. We can try to put Band-Aids on problems, but gaping wounds need more than sticking plaster. To find solutions, we have to understand causes.

Phnom Penh 2016-57.jpgPoverty puts people in a place where they lack options for education, for healthcare, for family stability, for the things that allow them to live and thrive. That raises the trafficking risk for their children. Gary Haugen addresses the cycle of poverty in his book, The Locust Effect. (You can check out his TED Talk about it.) He points out that the lack of protection for the world’s poor from violence – from rape, police brutality, trafficking – has to be addressed before we can end poverty. Many of the world’s poor are not offered protection; if anything they are particularly targeted by governments, crime rings, and corrupt police.

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