You can choose comfort or you can choose courage, but you can’t choose both.” Brene Brown


Photographer. Passionate coffee drinker.

Stubborn as. Middle-child. Awkward.

Lived in 7 nations. Traveled to countless others. Wrecked for the ordinary. I’d rather ask forgiveness than permission.

LIKE driving a moto, reading, sports, challenges, sunshiny yellow, mountains, travel, wearing dresses, going barefoot, Mexican chocolate… chocolate… food…

LOVE God (why I do what I do), wombats, the developing world, friends, enemies, and people (their stories, their lives, their uniqueness.)

HATE injustice (hate it), flying, fish.

Talents: ability to use a squatty-potty, crocodile hunting, eating a tarantula and sago grub, throwing up in almost every place I traveled, laughing at the worst timing, bursting into song.



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