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The paddle cut through the murky waters. In smooth rhythm, the dugout canoe glided; moonlight guiding it around the bends of dense palms in the crocodile infested river. A wail cut the silence of the night. Having been in labor for days, a young woman panted, clinging to her belly. She fought the panic she felt. She knew something was wrong with her baby.

Finally the night gave way to the lights of Kapuna Hospital. The canoe turned down past the jetty. A guard spotted them, alerting the hospital staff. Feet pounding the grassy ground, he knocked quickly at the doctor’s door. Her face briefly emerged as she gathered her bag, hoping to wake up more thoroughly and quickly followed him to the hospital.

This scene is all too familiar for the people of the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea. Kapuna is the only hospital within paddling distance for over 15,000 people in the Wame River region. With 1 in 7 women dying in childbirth and drug resistant TB rampant, this faded bush hospital is a beacon of hope in the midst of a remote area. Clinging tenaciously to the muddy banks of the croc infested river, Kapuna has a rich history. In the 1950’s it was carved out of the dense jungle and swamps. It has become a place that brings not only life to so many, but transformation through community development, discipleship, and love.

On the brink of civilization, follow the incredible story of the Calvert family from New Zealand, making one of the last frontiers their home and legacy.